1 killed, 2 wounded in North Charleston stabbing


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police reports show that a fourth man was wounded in a stabbing last week that killed one man and wounded two others. The incident in North Charleston started with an assault near a man's car, police said last week.{}

According to police who spent the day investigating the stabbing, three of the stabbing victims left a party to approach a man and a woman sitting in a car. Now reports show that a fourth man was detained because officers thought he may be the suspect in the stabbing.The reports show that a 20-year-old man was questioned, but not arrested. While he was being treated for a stab wound to his thigh, he reportedly told officers that he had gone to Deidrich Street to pick up one woman and talk to his girlfriend. That's where he was met by three men, police said.

Police say at some point the three men opened the car door and assaulted the 20-year-old, then dragged him from the car into the road. That's when he pulled the knife out of his car and stabbed 30-year-old Stewart Pelfrey, of North Charleston.

Pelfrey would die from his wounds.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. at the Dorchester Village Mobile Home Park on Deidrich Street. By the time police arrived, Pelfrey was lying in the road. The other two men were sitting on a porch nearby.

"He tried to break up a fight and got stabbed in the process," explained Kayley Parrish.

She still can't believe what happened to her husband. She says a late night party with family and friends at their mobile home on Deidrich Street turned tragic when a stranger showed up.

"He came to pick up his girlfriend and she didn't want to leave and it pretty much just escalated from there," recalled Parrish.

She says Pelfrey stood in the street and asked the unknown man to leave. North Charleston police report an argument ensued, and three people were stabbed, including Pelfrey. Kayley tried to save him.

"I was holding, putting pressure on the wound, and trying to breathe for him. Trying to, you know, put air in his lungs. And he just couldn't, didn't last long," said Parrish.

Police say he died on the road.

"I still have the clothes I had on this morning with his blood all over it and I haven't been able to change it. I haven't gotten the nerve to take it off," said Parrish.

As detectives continue their investigation, Kayley Parrish remembers Stewart as a loving man and father of five with a baby on the way.

"He was a great father. And a great husband. And I can never ask for anyone better than him. Ever," said Parrish.

At last check, police still haven't made an arrest. Parrish tells ABC News 4 the other victims who were stabbed are her cousin and a friend. They're expected to be okay.

Parrish said she and Stewart were scheduled to learn next Monday if their unborn child is a boy or a girl.

Police said no charges have been filed in the case, but officers are still investigating.