1 killed in North Charleston shooting

Source: Scott Garrand/WCIV

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}One person was killed during a shooting at a store in North Charleston late Sunday night, police said.

According to North Charleston police, a man and his girlfriend stopped at the E. Montague Avenue store to make a purchase. While the man was in the store, another man approached the car where the woman was waiting and had an argument with the woman.{}

The coroner's office identified, on Monday afternoon, the second man as{}26-year-old Rodreguez Shaw.

After the argument with the woman, Shaw entered the store and pulled out a handgun. Police said the man who visited the store with his girlfriend was the only person to fire shots in the store. Shaw did not fire his weapon, police said Monday.

Shaw was hit and tried to flee, but collapsed inside the store. He was pronounced dead at the scene.{}

The victim, identified by police as 21-year-old Rodney Fleming, turned himself in to police.{}

Police say Fleming will not be charged as he acted in self defense.

A man who didn't want to be identified was inside the store during the shooting. He says that{}it happened very quickly.

"The guy who come from the main door - they try to grab each other, but he just turn back and he just shoot him."

The unidentified witness also said that after Fleming fired the gun, he ran out the front door. That is when the witness called 911.

Surveillance video from East Montague Market shows Fleming and Shaw before the shooting. It also shows Fleming running out after he fired the shots.

Police are still investigating the incident.