1 month in, Linda Page tackling Mount Pleasant's issues

By Bill

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- She's only been in office for a month, but the new mayor of Mount Pleasant says she's tackling the day-to-day challenges of running one of the state's fastest growing towns.

From her office at City Hall, Linda Page is talking, texting and typing since her swearing in about a month ago, but the new mayor is still making her rounds with coworkers.

She's also doing a whole lot of listening.

There's a lot to hear, too, with issues ranging from traffic to taxes to school overcrowding. Page says she and council are working on the town's 10-year comprehensive plan to prepare for the future.

"We're at a five year review right now, so that's the most important thing we're doing as a council now. And as mayor, I just want to make sure the citizens know it's their time now to get the input -- know we're doing the review -- and have their voices heard," she said.

The mayor is also hearing from her critics, including a former political opponent who doesn't like her committee appointments for the council.

But Page says it's just a case of sour grapes; she's sticking to her decisions.

"We are a weak mayor/strong council type of government in the town of Mount Pleasant. We are one vote," she said. "And every one of my council members is highly respected, highly regarded, and they're here to do the best for the citizens."

Events like the ribbon cutting for The Boulevard are keeping the new mayor busy, but she also realizes less publicized concerns need to be addressed.

"I think every problem a citizen has is a big problem and I take it pretty seriously. But yeah, there's lots of big issues. And the small issues are important to me also," Page said.

Still, Page says she's focused on what she believes is the town's primary concern.

"Growth is the issue we're going to deal with. Mount Pleasant has a big problem, and it's called prosperity and it's a heck of a problem to have," she said.

She has the next four years in office to tackle it, too.

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