100 surfers honor surfer lost in Andrea's waves

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) - Surfers along South Carolina's Grand Strand have honored the memory of a surfer lost last week in the winds and waves of Tropical Storm Andrea.

About 100 surfers paddled into the water Thursday evening to honor Anderson Estep, the 19-year-old surfer from North Myrtle Beach who was lost last week when the storm passed through South Carolina.

Estep's board returned to shore but he was not found.

During the memorial, the surfers made a ring of flowers in the water while others on the shore threw flowers on the waves.

Estep's uncle, Brian Welch, lives in northern California and is used to surfing there. He said the ride back to shore after Thursday's paddle out was the best wave he's ever caught in South Carolina.

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