Report: 13-year-old stabs older brother over PS2

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) -- Moncks Corner police responded to a mobile home on Birchwood Drive in the Shannonwood Subdivision around 10 p.m. Saturday for reports of a stabbing.

According to the police report, officers found the 13-year-old suspect on his front porch holding a large kitchen knife in one hand and a cordless phone in the other. The report says the boy threw the knife and phone on the ground and told police he was going to kill his brother for bullying him.

Police noted that the young boy repeated several times that he had stabbed his brother in the face and neck area after fighting with him over a Playstation. The report says the boy told police he "didn't care if his brother was dead or not" and that he "needs to learn his lesson about bullying."

The victim and his mother were already at Roper Hospital.

Police report that during the stabbing incident, two more children were in the home. They found a 13-14 year-old girl and a 8-9 year-old girl in the kitchen. The younger girl was crying and told police that "her brother kept saying 'I'm gonna kill you' as he stabbed his older brother."

Officers report they also found "blood on the walls near the bathroom and also all over the floor in the kitchen with a trail of blood going from the kitchen to the bathroom." The report says the fight seemed to have started in the sitting room because of the blood spatter found on the wall and mirror there.

Officers went to the hospital and spoke to the mother who told them her sons got into a fight over a Playstation and that her youngest son stabbed his brother.

When the police noticed that there was no blood on the kitchen knife, it was discovered the weapon was a pocket knife. The mother told police the knife was in the center console of her car but they did not find it. The mother told officers she would call them when the weapon turned up.

The victim told police he was trying to clean his room and didn't want the Playstation in there.

The suspect told police that's when his older brother had pushed him and that he should also be charged with assault.

The young suspect was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. He was sent to Columbia pending a hearing in family court.