14-foot gator found on Kiawah Island

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Vice President Joe Biden isn't the only one drawing a crowd on Kiawah Island this week.

A 14-foot gator on a stroll through a Kiawah neighborhood had a few neighbors stopping to stare.

Chris Harper with Harper Construction pulled out his cellphone to capture the massive gator, and posted the video online a short time later.

Harper said the gator was on Surfscotter Lane around 11 a.m. Monday. It walked through the yard and into the pond behind the house, he said.

It's the time of year that gator sightings become commonplace as the sometimes huge reptiles venture out to mate. With the advent of high quality, easy-to-shoot cellphone video and social media, the sightings are quickly spread.

So far this year, a pair of fishermen spotted a 10-foot gator 19 miles off the coast. A few days later, another 10-footer washed up on Folly Beach.

Then last week, someone at Dunes West snapped a photo of a 4-foot gator strolling across the tennis courts.

So far, spectators have kept their distance and marveled at the size of the alligators, something experts recommends. They also say people should not feed gators because that diminishes the natural fear they have of humans.