19-year-old Birhan Nebebew wins 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - An Ethiopian and a Moroccan finished first and second in the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run. Birhan Nebebew, a 19-year-old runner, won the race and was followed closely by Moroccan Mourad Marofit.

Nebebew finished with a time of 28:38.70 and won the top prize of $10,000. Marofit finished three seconds later and landed a $3,000 prize.

The top female finisher was also an Ethiopian, 21-year-old Azmera Gebru.

Before the elite runners started the race, the wheelchair racers made their way across the bridge. Alexandre Dupont won that race.{}

The top local finishers and winners of the Newberry Award were Michael Banks and Caitlin Judd, both of Charleston.

The 2014 bridge run was beset by changes to security and transportation. For the first time, federal law enforcement joiend the security efforts and cracked down on what people could carry with them and where they could go.

The shuttle services were dispatched earlier, as well.{}

There was also a scramble at the finish line to repair the roadway after a sinkhole opened more than a week ago. City engineers said the repair would be done before the race, and true to their word, the road was patched and repaved by Friday afternoon.{}

There was also a strange hunt near the starting line for a venomous snake. Signs were placed around a Mount Pleasant apartment complex this week after the skin of what appeared to be a Gaboon viper was found near a rat trap.{}

A crew from the Edisto Island Serpentarium was dispatched to hunt for the snake, but did not find it.

Mount Pleasant police officials say it is illegal to own the snake in the city.