1st District candidates receive more endorsements

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) National media cameras followed as Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch walked side by side with 6th Congressional District Congressman Jim Clyburn to the front of the library that bears her father's name.

Colbert Busch also accepted a campaign endorsement from Clyburn.

"I would not be here if I did not have those strong feelings about the value system that she will take to congress," said Clyburn.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford also made several campaign stops this weekend and picked up another endorsement from the Charleston Tea Party.

"It's very important that the Republicans maintain that seat, this is a very solid conservative congressional district," said voter Connie Whitaker, who campaigned for Sanford this election. "He's an independent in a sense, as I said he doesn't get intimidated."{}

Stephen Cain, who lives in Spartanburg, said the first district campaign gets more attention than bills being passed in Columbia.

"They're paying a good bit of attention with mixed feelings about it. So it's a pretty hot topic up there," said Cain.

Cain adds he is ready for this race to be over.