Bond set at $200K for pair accused in armed robberies

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Two men responsible for at least a dozen armed robberies have finally been arrested, police said in a press conference Friday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, the two men stood in bond court as a judge levied a $200,000 bond for each man.

According to Charleston police and Charleston County deputies, 24-year-old Feraud Lemon and 31-year-old Antonio Simmons were charged with armed robbery. Simmons also faces a weapons charge.

Police say the two men most recently robbed a McDonald's franchise on Magwood Boulevard. According to police reports the robbery happened March 13th. Authorities say the two were wearing ski masks{}when they{}demanded money from{}a clerk at gunpoint.

Authorities went on to say, the two men were responsible for more than a dozen armed robberies since November{}in and outside of Charleston County.

"To have this level of robberies occur in a 90-day period, it creates a lot of fear in the community and that's why it's very important that we want to work hard and get them locked up as quickly as we can, said Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.

Police confirmed Simmons and Lemon took part in an armed robbery which ended in a car accident involving two Charleston County deputies.

"This is one of those cases where we've asked for a lot of information," Mullen said. "It boils down to this was very good police work. This was just a dedicated effort by a lot of police officers and many, many pieces of evidence came together."

So far, officials say Lemon and Simmons have only been charged by the City of Charleston. Sheriff Al Cannon said both the city and Charleston County plan to file additional charges and make more arrests.

Simmons, according to records, has an extensive criminal background. Mullen said Friday he planned to ask for a refusal of bond at a hearing planned for Saturday morning.

"We want to make sure once he gets locked up tonight, he's not going to be out in the community committing more crimes and victimizing more people," said Mullen.{}