Community mourns loss of teen killed in car accident

Daisha Blaine (provided)

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Two people died in a single-car accident in Colleton County Saturday afternoon, according to Colleton County fire and rescue officials.

Colleton County High School students and teachers mourned the death of one of their own Monday.

"It was hard today because I didn't see her out there. I kept looking for her but she just wasn't there," said classmate Jasmine Lawton, who said she knew Daisha Blaine since sixth grade.

Her smile was missing from the hallways, but memories of senior Blaine shone bright.

"She knew when something was wrong with her friends. She was just a happy person. Always saying, 'I want to do this!' and smiling. I remember her as being happy,'" Lawton said.

"She stands right there next to me every fourth period," science teacher Aurea Mirasol said. "She greets every single classmate that comes in the class, saying, 'Hi! Hello!'"

"She would always make my day. When she came, she'd always check to see if I'm doing fine," math teacher Magellan Mambou said.

Blaine and Scott Warren, 40, died Saturday after their pick-up truck went off the road, flipped and hit a tree. Officials said they were driving at high speeds.

The accident occurred off of Oregon Trail, near Whitehall Road. Officials said{}the pick-up truck ran into a tree around noon.{}

Officials said the truck appeared to have been traveling above the safe speed limit for the narrow dirt road, left the roadway and hit a tree. The impact broke the Ford pick-up truck in two pieces, officials said.{}

The{}S.C. Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash.

"We've lost more than our fair share here in the county," CCHS teacher George Smith said.

Blaine is the second Colleton County student who has died in a car crash in 2012. Wilbur Jamison, 18,{}died in March when his car hit a tree as well.

"One minute you're here, next minute they're not. It teaches us to cherish every moment you have with them because you never know," Lawton said.

"It's tough on the community since we are such a small community. One high school for the entire county," Smith said.

Blaine's friends and teachers said she hadn't decided what to do after graduation this year. But after so much tragedy, classmates said they will move on.

"We have to band together because you never know what can happen today or tomorrow. It's been hard for us. I think it will make us stronger as a class," Lawton said.

A male, 13, the brother of the teen girl, was in the back seat and was ejected from the vehicle, police said. He was taken to Colleton Medical Center with minor injuries and is expected to recover.

Family members said Blaine's funeral is Saturday at 1 p.m. but a location has not been finalized.