2 men rush to evacuate neighbors in early morning fire

By Ava Wilhite{}

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) More than 20 people at the Westbury Mews Apartment Complex in Summerville had to get out of bed as fast as they could because of an overnight fire.{}

Everyone made it out safely and that may be because of two men who first spotted the flames.{}

"By the time I looked back over, I saw furniture on fire and started yelling for my buddy to call the cops and the fire department," said Tad Steadman.

Steadman{}says he was working on a friend's car when he noticed a small fire on the second floor of the 900 building.

"I hopped on the phone immediately got a hold of the fire department. As I was on the phone with the fire department, you know we ran up to the stairs," said Mike Hassin.

Mike Hassin lives at the Westbury Mews apartment complex. He and Steadman took it upon themselves to warn neighbors.

"We started saying, 'Fire, fire, fire, get out, get out, get out.' You know, just trying to get people's attention as fast as we could," said Hassin.

Hassin says the response from the Summerville Fire Department was quick, just like the fire.

"It started out like I said really tiny like a fire pit, with in minutes it's engulfed the whole second third floor," said Hassin.

Kiera Jefferson lives in the building next door. She tried to move her car away from the fiery building but was blocked by emergency vehicles.

{}"It could have been worse, but thank God everybody got out," says Jefferson.

{}Jefferson says ash from the fire got on most parked cars, but none were burned.{}