$2 million Powerball ticket sold in Lowcountry

by Stacy

ANDREWS, S.C. (WCIV) -- Cashiers at the H & S Shop in Andrews asked customers all day Thursday if they played the Powerball on Wednesday.

"I believe I have blessed hands. I truly believe that someone won it because I work here," cashier Jequetta Pete said.

Pete could have sold a $2 million ticket Wednesday. The South Carolina Education Lottery announced Thursday that a person bought the ticket at the H & S Shop. The ticket is still unclaimed.

"Everybody's excited. It's all over Facebook and everyone is trying to figure out whose it is," store manager Shelley Brown said.

Peden Dunn said he visits the H & S Shop for food{}every week, but he bought his Powerball jackpot ticket in Georgetown. He said he's never bought a lottery ticket at H & S before, but he's going to start.

Brown hoped he was not alone. She said she wants to play the store's good luck a little longer.

"They already came back. After they found out we sold a $2 million ticket, and they said, 'Well, let me buy one of these tickets,'" Pete said.

The store will take home a cut of the $2 million.

"We get 1 percent of the winnings which would be $20,000," Brown said.

Pete said she was born and raised in Andrews. She hoped the winner would be local and could use the money to help the town.

"They could put a movie theater here! They could put a bowling alley here! A skating rink here! Something for the children and something for the community," she said.

Players have 180 days to claim their lottery winnings.