2 North Charleston officers placed on leave after fight with suspect

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Two North Charleston police officers were placed on administrative leave following a fist fight with a suspect who tried to run from the officers last week.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the use of force in the arrest.{}

A police report released Monday details the incident, stating the suspect tried to hit the officers and the officers fought back, hitting the man several times in an attempt to take him into custody.

According to a police report, the two officers spotted a man sitting on the railroad tracks near Remount Road and Dakota Street. When they approached the man, they determined he was rolling a marijuana cigarette and told him to move away from the tracks and toward the officers.

However, the man turned and ran, according to the report.

The report states the two officers split up to make sure the suspect did not double back and elude them. One of the officers spotted the man and ordered him to stop.

However, the man charged the officer and tried to punch him. The suspect hit his head on the ground when one of the officers used a takedown maneuver on the suspect, the report states.

While the officer tried to put the suspect in handcuffs, he continued to kick and punch at the officer, according to the report.

The second officer managed to get handcuffs on one of the man's wrists before he freed himself again, according to the report, this time using the handcuffs as a weapon.

During the fight, the suspect was hit in the face and kicked. Ultimately, the man was handcuffed and put in police custody.

After the man was detained, he said he had been smoking marijuana and did not want to go to jail, the report states. He was charged with trespassing railroad property and resisting arrest.

The man was taken to Roper Northwoods for treatment and then released into police custody.

The police chief's office issued the following statement:

"Immediately following the arrest Field Supervisors with the North Charleston Police were concerned with the suspect's injuries and contacted the Duty Chief. Chief Zumalt reviewed the circumstances of the arrest and the nature of the injuries to the suspect. After consulting with the Duty Chief and Field Supervisors SLED was contacted and they were requested to conduct an independent investigation of the arrest and use of force.

"The Officers involved in the arrest have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the SLED investigation. Because of the active investigation being conducted by SLED the department will not be able to provide any further comments."