1 pedestrian killed, another seriously injured in crash on Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- Two pedestrians walking along a Folly Beach road early Saturday morning were seriously injured when a car crashed into them and drove away. One of the victims later died, Charleston County deputies said.

The coroner's office identified the victim as 29-year-old Justin Plumlee, of North Carolina.

According to Charleston County deputies, the crash happened around 2:15 a.m. on West Ashley Avenue between Second and Third streets. Deputies say a Honda SUV swerved off the road hitting the pedestrians and then drove away.

Neighbors who live in area say they heard a loud noise when the accident happened.

"I heard a boom, a booming sound and it was loud enough for me to get out of bed and come see what had happened," said Lee Gessner. "One of the guys had been thrown about 100 feet, and the other guy who actually survived the impact flew like 75 feet. It was shocking."

"The first guy looked really bad, paramedics tried everything they can it looked like but it didn't look too good," said CJ McCarthy. "The other guy was in rough shape, too. They loaded him into the ambulance, but I could see he was alive because he was moving his arm. His leg looked like I twas broken really bad."

Both pedestrians were taken to Medical University Hospital. One person was in serious condition and the other was critical on Saturday, deputies said.

Around 11 a.m., deputies found the car involved in the crash and arrested Andrew Robert Lanzaro, officials said. The small SUV had severe front end damage to the windshield and the left headlight.

Lanzaro was charged initially with leaving the scene of an accident with bodily harm. Those charges were upgraded to reckless homicide after one of the pedestrians died. The coroner's office has not released the name of the victim.

He is being held in the Charleston County Detention Center. His bond was set at $300,000.

A background check on Lanzaro shows other alcohol-related arrests in his recent past, including a July 18 public drunkenness incident and a DUI on Folly Beach a week earlier.

Meanwhile neighors cope with a tragedy that came too close to home.

"It's very devastating because you don't hear about it very often," said Rhonda Cummings.

"Three lives were forever changed that day for sure: the two that were hit and the young man that hit him," said Gessner.

Deputies identified the second victim as Ryan Daniels, so far there is no word of his current condition.