2 Red Cross volunteers honored Thursday

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A pair of Red Cross volunteers were honored Thursday for their long-standing service with the Volunteer Excellence Award. Gary Gardner and Eileen Hadbavny have served multiple roles while working for the Red Cross. The award is given to volunteers who show dedication and commitment to the military community. ""Since my retirement I've been able to serve the community.{} The Red Cross to be recognized for that service showcases the service to the military and the general public doesn't know how we help those families out through Red Cross services," said Hadbavny. Gardner just returned from Colorado, where he served as a relief worker for firefighters battling the wildfires. He said he was happy to help. "You have a sense of pride that you're able to go and help and you're able to provide assistance for someone that lost everything and to see the smiles and they get to thank those for being there to help them," Gardner said. Gardner served as a shelter supervisor and mass care chief. He said there were nearly a dozen wildfires burning around him from his Colorado headquarters.