Close call for a 2-year-old girl after ingesting meds

By Lia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Last week, 2-year-old Hartley Gotbeter had a near-deadly dose of prescription medicine.

"My middle son came to get me and said Hartley is eating grandma's medicine," said her mom, Brittan Gotbeter. "I was just brushing my teeth at the back of the house and at that point it was complete paste in her mouth."

Gotbeter says she prepares her mother's medication for the week and takes precautions.

"We do keep this medicine under lock and key and a lot of parents don't. Honestly, they probably shouldn't need to if it's a child proof bottle; they shouldn't be able to get into it,' she said.

But, according to Dr. Keith Borg, Hartley's story is not uncommon. He said nationwide there are 71,000 cases of children ingesting medications every year.

"Some of them are very minor and others are potentially fatal ingestions," he said.

Hartley ingested 80 milligrams of an anti-depressant and was admitted at MUSC.

"As a parent you don't always look at the top of the bottle. When you deal with these all the time just assume if it's a dangerous medicine, you put the lid on and it clicks," she said.

Borg recommends proper precaution for parents.

"Certainly, having the proper medication packaging and having it secure in a proper place having it in places where kids can find it," he said. "They are natural explorers and incredibly agile and will get into trouble no time flat."

For the Gotbeter family, it's a tough lesson that they'll never forget.