2012 Lowcountry high school graduation schedule

Berkeley County School District

Cross High SchoolThursday, May 317 P.M.At Cross High School

Hanahan High SchoolFriday, June 111:30 A.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Goose Creek High SchoolFriday, June 13:30 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Berkeley High SchoolFriday, June 17:30 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Stratford High SchoolSaturday, June 210 A.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Timberland High SchoolSaturday, June 22 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Cane Bay High SchoolSaturday, June 26 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum


Charleston County School District

North Charleston High SchoolWednesday, May 308:30 A.M.Performing Arts Center

St. John's High SchoolWednesday, May 3011:30 A.M.Performing Arts Center

Military Magnet AcademyWednesday, May 303:30 P.M.Performing Arts Center

Academic Magnet High SchoolWednesday, May 307:30 P.M.Performing Arts Center

West Ashley High SchoolWednesday, May 3011:30 A.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Burke High SchoolWednesday, May 303:30 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Garrett Academy of TechnologyThursday, May 318:30 A.M.Performing Arts Center

Baptist Hill High SchoolThursday, May 3111:30 A.M.Performing Arts Center

School of the ArtsThursday, May 317:30 P.M.Performing Arts Center

Stall High SchoolThursday, May 3111:30 A.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Wando High SchoolThursday, May 313:30 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Clark AcademyThursday, May 314:30 P.M.Burke Auditorium

Lincoln High SchoolFriday, June 16 P.M.Lincoln High School gym

James Island Charter High SchoolSaturday, June 25 P.M.The Citadel

Charleston Charter School for Math and ScienceSaturday, June 211 A.M.College of Charleston music hall


Colleton County School District

Colleton County High SchoolSaturday, May 269 A.M.Cougar stadium


Dorchester County School District Two

Ashley Ridge High SchoolSaturday, May 2610 A.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Summerville High SchoolSaturday, May 262 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Fort Dorchester High SchoolSaturday, May 266 P.M.North Charleston Coliseum

Dorchester County Adult Education ProgramWednesday, May 236 P.M.Ashley Ridge High School Auditorium


Dorchester County School District Four

Woodland High SchoolThursday, May 247 P.M.Woodland's stadium


Georgetown County School District

Andrews High SchoolThursday, May 315 P.M.Andrews' stadium

Carvers Bay High SchoolThursday, May 317 P.M.Carvers Bay's stadium

Georgetown High SchoolFriday, June 15 P.M.Georgetown High School gym

Waccamaw High SchoolFriday, June 17 P.M.Waccamaw High School gym


Orangeburg Consolidated School District Three

Lake Marion High SchoolFriday, June 17 P.M.Lake Marion High School gym


Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five

Bethune-Bowman High SchoolSaturday, June 2NoonBethune-Bowman gym