2014 Cooper River Bridge Run Forecast

By Dave

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- After such a cold winter, it's finally been nice to get awarm stretch of weather now that the calendar flipped to April. This time of year brings many of theLowcountry's outdoor festivals, before the scorching summer heat sets in.

It's also Cooper River Bridge Run time, whereroughly 40,000 participants line up along Coleman Boulevard early on a Saturdaymorning to merely"get over it!"

The run is one of the United States' top five largest 10K racesand attracts runners from all over the world.{}It's a relatively flat course except for the unique feature near themiddle of the race, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the third longestcable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere.

Not only can the climb to 150 feet above the Cooper Riverplay havoc with the runners, but weather can also be turbulent late in March,or early in April. The race has been runevery year since 1978, creating 35 years of climate data to analyze.

Averages for a typical race day from Mt. Pleasant toCharleston would be an afternoon high of 72 degrees, a morning low of 50degrees, 0.04" of rain for the day, and early morning winds around 10 mph.

The warmest weather for the race, with a start time 10 a.m., theinaugural year 1978, when the temperature was 76 degrees at the gun. Some runners had to be hospitalized with heatrelated illnesses.

Also there were nowater stops along the course. Lessonslearned, have water, and push the starting time earlier to 9am, and eventually8 a.m., where it currently sits.

Coldest Cooper River Bridge run at the onset was 1987,incidentally the first year the race began at 8 a.m., when it was a mere 39degrees.{} There were some winds gustingfrom 20 to 30 mph, chilling the runners even further.

To date, rain hasn't been much of an issue.{}

There have been showers and thunderstorms inthe early morning hours well before the race, obviously dampening thecourse.{} Also there has been afternoonrain, well past the conclusion of the event.{}The wettest running was 2005 with light rain at the start, 0.72" camedown on that particular April 2.{}

Other times there has been some fog, drizzle and mist.

Alas, the prognostication for the 2014 Cooper River Bridge Run: a weakening cold front will be nearby.{} That will introduce the slightest chance of aspotty shower. Generally skies will bemostly cloudy.{} The morning low will be63 degrees, one degree warmer, 64 at the starting gun at 8 a.m.{} Winds will be from the west-southwest ataround 7 mph.{} Afternoon highs will topoff around 79 degrees.

Don't like this year's forecast? I say, "Just get over it!"{} Enjoy yourself, run well, and have a greatrace!

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