2nd SC school reports meningitis case

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - A second Greenville County school has reported a student with meningitis.

East North Street Elementary Academy principal Nancy Brantley says the Department of Health and Environmental Control has confirmed a "mild case" of viral meningitis.

Brantley said the child's mother was able to quickly get medical care for the youngster, who is doing well.

Brantley says the school has been cleaned and disinfected.

Officials at Woodland Elementary School in Greer reported Monday that a student had been diagnosed with meningitis. School spokesman Oby (Oh-BEE) Lyles says that case is being treated as bacterial, although that has not been confirmed.

The bacterial form of the disease is more serious.

Woodland principal Wanda Mote says the school is being disinfected.

Lyles says the cases are not related.

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