3 businesses make anchor on upper peninsula for 'Silicon Harbor'

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Threebusinesses in downtown Charleston are moving into a new space on Morrison Drivethat will serve as an anchor to Charleston's "Silicon Harbor."

Blue Acorn, an eCommercecompany, along with SIB and Edmund's Oast will make up the first tenants ofHalf Mile North, a new property on Morrison Drive on Charleston'supper peninsula.

"Looking at our growthtrajectory, we need to find at least twice the space we have now," said KevinEichelberger, Blue Acorn's CEO. "We don't want to subject ourselves to a blandwork environment, regardless of how nice it is. When we heard what Raven CliffCompany had in mind with this new development, we knew it would be perfect."

The property is already filledwith warehouses and smaller buildings, so it offers businesses looking to moveinto Half Mile North a blank slate from which to build their ideal workplace.

SIB, a fixed cost reductionfirm, will move from its current home on Meeting Street. Edmund's Oast is a newbrewery and pub founded by the same people who opened the Charleston BeerExchange.

The first phase of the facilityis set to be finished next year and will span nearly the entire block between Morrison Drive andMeeting, Brigade and Williams streets.

The second phase of the projectwill include the block south of the first phase. It is expected to be completedby 2016.

The project is beingspearheaded by Raven Cliff Company's Stephen Zoukin and Michael Woody.

"Ordinarily, we would not thinkto name an urban project," Zoukis said. "But this neighborhood suffers a bitfrom not having an agreed-upon name. We felt attaching a name to the projectwould be helpful to everyone until some consensus forms naturally around aneighborhood name. Half Mile North, of course, is a simple description of wherethe project is located: a half mile above the bridge."

Zoukis said the facility wouldnot be limited to tech companies in Charlestonor looking to join the city's digital corridor, citing design firms as possiblebusinesses that may want to be part of the new location.

Earlier this year, ErnestAndrade, the executive director of the corridor, announced a new flagshipbuilding, dubbed FS3, located just down the street from Half Mile North thatwill house 30 companies spread out over a projected 100,000 square feet ofspace.

"Half Mile North and FS3 willbreathe new life into Charleston'supper peninsula," Andrade said, likening it to a Renaissance.

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