3 rehabilitated sea turtles being released in SC

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (AP) -- Three sea turtles rehabilitated at the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston are being returned to the ocean.

The three turtles named Blu, Atalaya, and Trawler are to be released Friday at Folly Beach County Park on Folly Beach.

Blu is a juvenile Kemp's ridley turtle who was snared on a hook by a fisherman in July at the Folly Beach Fishing Pier. Atalaya is an 80-pound loggerhead sea turtle found stranded in early May at Huntington Beach State Park near Myrtle Beach.

Trawler is a 123-pound juvenile loggerhead sea turtle inadvertently captured by a state Department of Natural Resources research vessel in June. Trawler was punctured by the barb of a stingray caught in the same net.