300-400 jobs to be added at Boeing North Charleston

CHICAGO (WCIV) -- Boeing announced Thursday that it will establish research centers in Alabama,{}California,{}Missouri,{}South Carolina{}and{}Washington as it plans for future growth.

That means more jobs in many of the areas, Boeing said.

The company will restructure its Boeing Research & Technology organization, the company's central research-and-development unit, through the establishment of research centers in{}Huntsville, Ala.;{}Southern California;{}St. Louis;{}North Charleston, S.C.; and{}Seattle.

The facility in North Charleston will focus on manufacturing technology, the company said.

"We are reorganizing and realigning our research-and-technology operations to better meet the needs of our Commercial Airplanes and Defense, Space & Security business units, as well as our government R&D customers," said{}Greg Hyslop, vice president and general manager of Boeing Research & Technology.

Earlier this year, Boeing announced it was realigning its Information Technology organization, as well as engineering design centers within Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The new research centers will be designed to consolidate technology development for Boeing, officials said in a release.

"Our customers have a common need for new technology that can be integrated quickly and efficiently into current products and production lines, as well as enable new market-leading products and services. With these changes, we are enhancing our ability to provide effective, efficient and innovative technology solutions," said Hyslop.

The new locations and centers:

  • Huntsville, Ala.: Simulation and Decision Analytics; Metals and Chemical Technology
  • Southern California: Flight Sciences; Electronics and Networked Systems; Structures
  • St. Louis: Systems Technology; Digital Aviation and Support Technology; Metallics and Fabrication Development
  • North Charleston, S.C.: Manufacturing Technology
  • Seattle: Manufacturing Technology Integration.

The centers in Alabama,{}Missouri{}and{}South Carolina are expected to gain 300-400 employees. Washington expects to lose close to 1,200 jobs, and in California, officials expect to shed 200-300.

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