5 middle school girls taken to MUSC after possible drug overdose

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- Five Fort Johnson Middle School students were taken to Medical University Hospital Thursday morning after {}overdosing on unknown drugs.

Charleston County EMS officials said they had been at the school since around 11 a.m. Officials did not have details on what drug, if any, was taken by the students but said on Friday that it was a prescription drug.

Charleston County deputies said the students used some kind of pill or drug that resulted in four girls being taken to MUSC. A fifth girl was taken to the hospital by a parent.

Four of the students were listed as being in stable condition.

Principal David Parler said parents were called about the incident at the school. Charleston County School District officials said all updates on the incident would come from the sheriff's office.

According to a CCSO incident report, two of the students told the school nurse they had "vomited up a yellow chalky substance" in the restroom and another student appeared to be "staggering and had slurred speech."

"Very sad. It's very sad and very frightening," said Georgeanna McLeod, a mother of a student who attends Fort Johnson Middle School on James Island.

She received the auto-call that said five students had taken a drug and were rushed to the hospital. Despite the news, McLeod says her family has a good history with the school.

"I have had four children attend this school. All of them have received exemplary educations. And I would recommend this school to anyone," said McLeod.

Deputies said they still do not know what pills or drugs were taken by the girls, nor do they know where the girls took the drugs. The report states one of the students told the school nurse she had gotten the pills from a suspect whose name is being withheld. The nurse was also told that the students took the pills at the bus stop.

"That would surprise me. You know, I know the kids do good here and all," said Robert Ford, a father of a Fort Johnson Middle School student.

Deputies said the girls' stories varied, some saying the pills were given to them and other saying the pills were stolen from someone's home. The girls also went from saying they took the pills at the bus stop to saying they took them in the girls' bathroom at school.

"Unfortunately it's out there. Kids are going to get a hold of it no matter what. And I don't like it being here. I don't like it being anywhere even on, you know, especially James Island," explained Marcia LaFrance.

She has a child who attends Fort Johnson Middle School. She admits to being concerned after hearing what happened.

Still, she has confidence in the school and its leaders.

"I guess at first I was a little nervous, but my child has been here for three years and at Stiles Point for six years and I feel very safe dropping them off here so when they said it had been handled. I knew, I knew that it was okay," said LaFrance.

Charleston County deputies are working with the school district to figure out what happened.