4-year-old has staples removed after pit bull bite

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - 3 weeks ago, 4-year-old Christopher Ranly could barely stay awake. He was on heavy pain medications to help reduce pain from a pit bull bite wound. Now, he's a different kid -- less 30 some staples in his head.

"They were able to get the staples out but a few of them are still in his hair. So, they said we would be able to wash them out in the shower," said Brandy Ranly, Christopher's mother. "The doctor says it looks like there is no sign of infection. And, we're cleared to go home."

Christopher and his family were visiting the lowcountry for the holidays when a family member's pit bull grabbed Christopher by the head. The dog tore into Christopher's scalp. Thankfully, it did not penetrate his skull.

In the days following the attack, Christopher mostly laid close to his parents.

"He has definitely perked up. He's back to his bouncing off the walls," said Christopher's mother.

"We just have to keep him calmed down and when we get back home we're going to be in contact with his regular doctor to see what kind of restrictions maybe he might need in order to go back to school."

Brandy says her family is so grateful that Christopher is safe.

"Every so often throughout the day, over the past three weeks, I just say, "thank you Lord, I've got my baby with me still," said Brandy.

While he may not fully understand his attack, he does understand the support he's had from his community.

Christopher whispered, "Thank you for all your prayers."