4's Freebies: furry friends and good cooks!

By Laura

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV)--{} Its the first weekend of summer and we have the things that will help kick your sizzlin' summer off right!

If you're anything like me, heading to the kitchen could be a scary experience, but look no further than a fun and free cooking class to take the scare out of the kitchen!{} Williams-Sonoma on King Street downtown is offering a free class on grilling fish and seafood.{} It starts at 10 a.m. on Sunday.{} To register, call 843-723-5373.

Also, we've been talking it up all week, but remember over at the Charleston Animal Society, all pet adoption fees have been waived through Sunday!{} It's your chance to save a life and get a free, furry friend at the same time!

And finally, how about a little movie night in?{} Head to your local Redbox kiosk for a free movie or video game rental.{} All you need to do is go to Facebook and "Like" the Redbox Facebook page and you will receive a promotional code.{} Just type that code in and you've got a free movie or game!

Always remember you can get your free on with us every Friday on Good Morning Charleston starting at 5 a.m.