7-foot alligator makes way to Ashley Phosphate Road

By Stacy

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCIV) -- A creature in North Charleston seemed to choose Ashley Phosphate Road as its final resting place. The 7-foot-long gator was spotted in front of{}La Petite Daycare{}in the middle of{}Ashley Phosphate Road.

"It was raining outside. The police were guarding it. Everyone was like, 'Oh it's an alligator in the street.' Cars were stopping to take pictures and everything," one witness said.

It may sound dramatic, but to Jim Kratzer a gator in the road is to be expected.

"Welcome to South Carolina," he said.

Kratzer and others who saw the gator all had their own theory on how it got there.

"With the water hiked up so high, it got it to come out and swim down the road with all the water," he said.

"When it started raining last night really hard it probably followed the rain. It probably tried to cross the street and got hit," another witness said.

There are a couple bodies of water near the heavily trafficked roadway. That may explain why Kratzer said this wasn't the first time it happened.

He said he's seen other gators on Ashley Phosphate, even other animals.

"Years ago, about 20, there was a cow that came out on the middle of Ashley Phosphate Road," he said.

Some who saw it in front of La Petite Academy said it was dead.

However, the Department of Natural Resources would not release the condition of the gator. Officials said an alligator biologist from Columbia sent a special agent to take care of the removal.

The dead gator had been removed from the road as of 7:15 a.m. Friday.