911 calls released from massive apartment fire

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)They cried out for help as close to 40 people watched in horror as their homes burned down before their very eyes Monday evening.

Now one day later, those desperate 911 calls from the Delta Oaks Apartment complex shed insight into the sheer panic of those fire victims.

Caller: We have a blazing fire at 5150 Delta Oaks. The fire department needs to get here! People are going to get hurt

Dispatch: Ma'am, the fire department is on the way. We received a call just a few moments ago.

Caller: The whole freaking building is burning down.

Dispatch: We are aware of that, ma'am.

Caller: The fire is spreading.

38 fire trucks and chief units responded to the blaze--but not fast enough for many who watched as they lost everything--except for the clothes on their back.

Caller: I need a fire department, please, here.

Dispatch: On Delta Street?

Caller: Delta Street. Y'all need to hurry up, please!

Another caller added:

Caller: The blaze has spread to the other apartments. When is somebody going to get here?

Dispatch: We have the fire department on the way ma'am.

Caller: I hope he hurries up and gets here because this blaze is really spreading.

In one part of the 9-1-1 call, one lady is heard warning her neighbors.

Caller: Hey, y'all, get out! It's a fire. Get out! Get out! Get out!

According to a spokesperson with the North Charleston Fire Department in all 14 units were badly damaged and at least nine families affected.

The cause is still under investigation.