911 calls released in North Park Grill shooting

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Police on Monday released the intense 911 calls made by a man, desperate to save his dying brother.

Chris Knight: "You're good, Mike. They're going to fix you up."

Those were some of the final words between two brothers overheard on a 911 call after one was shot at the North Park Grill in North Charleston.

Dispatch: "911. What's the address the emergency?"

Chris Knight: "My brother just got shot. We're at North Park Bar and Grill."

Dispatch: "What's the address of the emergency?"

Chris Knight: "I don't know. It's North Park Bar and Grill."

Police say Chad Cochran kicked Chris Knight's brother, Mike Knight, in the bar's parking lot. The victim responded by punching back. That's when police say Cochran fired back.

Dispatch: "Tell me exactly what happened? I know he got shot, but tell me what happened."

Chris Knight: "He got into an argument -- just tell me what I need to do. It doesn't matter what happened."

During the 911 call, you can hear the victim's brother, Chris, ask others nearby for help.

"Go get some towels. Go get some towels. Somebody shot him, please," he said.

Eventually, police arrive on the scene and you can hear the victim's brother talking to officers.

Police: "Sir, can you tell me anything about who did it?"

Chris: "He was a white guy. He was short. That's all I know."

You can then hear the brothers exchange what may have been their final words.

Chris: "Keep pressure on it, Mike."

Mike: "I hurt!"

Chris: "I know. It's going to hurt. That means you're still alive, bro. Look at me. Look at me in my f*cking eye. God, I love you, man."

Knight's funeral is scheduled for Friday.