911 tapes: 'Oh my god! He shot my mama'

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) - A frantic daughter's 911 call sheds new light into her mother's murder.

"Oh my God, he shot my mama," Chrisshon Ford told dispatchers. "She's not awake she's just laying on the ground."

Melinda Ford, 37, was shot and killed her at her home on Betsy Kerrison Parkway Saturday evening.

Authorities say Timothy Wright, of North Charleston, shot her. Wright, according to Ford's daughter, was her mom's boyfriend.

"He just came and shot my mama. My mama's boyfriend shot her. He shot her in her chest like on the top of her chest," she told dispatchers.

Investigators say Wright ran after the shooting and led deputies on a chase. He surrendered several hours later.

Police say Wright remains hospitalized for a self-inflicted gunshot wound that occurred at the John's Island home.

A bond hearing won't be set until he's released.