911 calls portray frantic moments after alleged Walmart stabbing

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Minutes after a man was reportedly stabbed in Mount Pleasant, bystanders called 911 for help. Four calls were released to ABC News 4.

"I just seen a fella fall down. Somebody got stabbed right here at Walmart," one man said.

"We're right at the very entrance. I think he's dying," said another.

Investigators say 20-year-old David Moultrie died at the scene.

Dispatchers remained on the phone lines to try to assist the callers.

Dispatch: "Are you with the patient?"

Caller: "Yes, well he's right here on the floor. He can't talk. He was stabbed in the chest."

Dispatch: "Ok. You're saying he was stabbed in the chest?"

Caller: "Yeah, that's what it looks like to me."

At one point, the Dispatch operator instructed the caller to stabilize the Moultrie.

Dispatch: "Is he completely alert?"

Caller: "Not completely, no sir."

Dispatch: "Is he having difficulty breathing?"

Caller: "Well I mean I can't, I can't really tell. He's got three people on top of him and she's trying to hold the wound."

Dispatch: "Ok sir."

Store employees also called 911 in an attempt to help their fellow co-worker. One woman identified Moultrie.

"David our cart pusher is the one that got shot in front of the building."

Others who didn't even see the alleged stabbing called for help.

Caller: "We need an ambulance out here."

Dispatch: "Ok ma'am. Please tell me what's going on."

Caller: "We're not sure because I can't understand on the walkie what they're saying but I think they said someone got shot in front of the store."

Dispatch: "Ok, you're saying that someone got shot in front of the store?"

Caller: "That's what I heard."

Police later confirmed that no shots had been fired. The coroner confirmed that Moultrie was stabbed.

18-year-old Darius Green has been charged with murder. Police say Green gave a written statement and in it, confessed to stabbing Moultrie multiple times.