911 calls released in Tish Lane block party shooting

By Ava

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) Startling 911 calls paint a picture of the shooting that killed a 19-year-old college student and wounded four others at a Moncks Corner block party.

The first of eight released phone calls from the Berkeley County block party begin with screams for help.

"Hello? Aye, aye, come to Tish Lane in Longridge. We got a girl shot, we got a girl shot down here in Longridge Tish lane," said one caller.

Followed by sense of urgency, from the operator, "She got shot?"

"She got shot bruh, come on man, okay how old is she? I don't know, I don't know, I can't tell, I'm trying to get out of here," said one caller.

Several callers are also running to escape the late-night gunfire.

"Yes lord, please run," said one person.

Operator: "Ma'am?"

There are also calls of multiple shots fired.

"It was a lot of shooting going on. Honestly, I can't tell you. I just ran. They need police out here as soon as possible," said another caller.

It's also clear two people at the party are on the ground.

Operator: "Can you tell me where she's hit?

Caller: "Umm, I don't know it might be, on her, I think it's on the back of her body maybe on her back. Yeah, I think it's on the back of her body."

Operator: "Where did he get shoot at?"

Caller: "He got shot in his chest."

Operator: "In his chest? Okay."

Caller: "By his heart, by his heart."

Operator: "Alright we got them on the way okay?"

It was clear by the calls, people on the scene ran to help the victims.

Caller: "Yes, it's people, there's people around her trying to help her now.

Operator: "Okay can someone put pressure on where she's bleeding?"

But, no one saw where the shots came from.

Operator: "Did y'all see who did it?"

Caller: "No, I didn't see who did it, it was like a lot of fire."

Four other people were wounded in the shooting. Ariel Morgan, a 19-year-old rising sophomore at Francis Marion University, was killed.

Berkeley County deputies have not released the conditions of the other victims or information about a suspect, but they do believe multiple shooters are involved in the case.