911 recording captures minutes before 6 shot dead

      By MITCH WEISSAssociated Press

      GREENWOOD, S.C. (AP) - A chilling 911 call was the first clue that something was terribly wrong inside a one-story rural home in South Carolina where six people, including the gunman, were later found shot to death.

      Facing problems with the law and in his personal life, 27-year-old Bryan Sweatt told a police dispatcher he was about to kill himself.

      With a woman's voice crying in the background, the dispatcher asked if he had a gun. His reply: "a 44." The phone line went dead.

      Sometime after, police say Sweatt killed his girlfriend, her parents, two children living in the Greenwood home and himself.

      Police don't have a definite motive, but Sweatt was in a custody battle with the girlfriend and was facing a burglary charge that could have landed him behind bars.

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