I-26 billboard draws attention for 'sticking out'

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- If you've driven down Interstate 26 lately, you might have noticed a billboard that sticks out from all the rest. It's an eye-catching advertisement that's been getting a lot of buzz in the community.

The billboard promotes the fitness studio Barre Evolution that teaches the barre method. The billboard has an image of a woman's fit rear-end and the words, "Want One?"

Whether you want one or not as the advertisement suggests, Barre Evolution co-owner Nicole Wallen says the message is all about empowering people to get fit in the New Year no matter what their size.

"This time of year everybody is making those resolutions and over indulged and need to find something that they can get back into their clothes and we thought, 'why don't we put up a billboard and make people really aware,'" said Nicole Wallen, the co-owner of Barre Evolution. "I think that it is nice that it brings awareness and shows people the ideal and makes them a little more intrigued to try it."

Barre Evolution is an exercise studio with locations in Mount Pleasant and West Ashley. Wallen describes barre as a combination of yoga, pilates, orthopedic stretching and barre technique that focuses on tiny movements.

It's a relatively new fitness practice in town that Wallen says she hopes more people will try, and with drivers doing double-takes up and down the freeway, they can't miss the protruding success of a sign that has people talking.

"We say we are the method for everybody because we see so many body types," Wallen said. "It's a method for everybody and we want our critics to come try it before they make a judgment."

To see what people think about the billboard click here.

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