A community gift to the kids on Charleston's eastside

      By Gregory Woods

      CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Not all parents on the eastside of Charleston are able to buy{} their kids the presents they really want for Christmas.

      That's why a group of long-time neighbors got together to make sure the entire community has a happy holiday.

      Through donations from the Charleston Police Department and local churches, the community was able to raffle off 15 bikes to the local kids.

      "Maybe there is a child that wanted a bicycle but mom and dad could not afford it," said Earl Brown, a long-time resident of the community. "We just feel real fortunate we are able to provide for some of them."

      And Ashley Filyaw was the first kid to win a bike.

      "I'm so happy I got what I wanted," said Filyaw.

      She said she won first because she knew the secret to getting picked.

      "I was crossing my fingers so I can win, and it worked," said Filyaw.

      It's kids like Filyaw that makes it all worth it worth it for community members like Willie Nelson.

      "When I see those kids' faces, it makes me want to give more," said Nelson, one of the organizers.

      Now Ashley Filyaw gets to take her new bike for a spin around the block.