Community torn during bond hearing for murder suspect


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Dozens of family members filled the Charleston County bond court room Wednesday morning for the hearing of the man accused of killing the brother of an NFL star.

Darnell LaFayette is accused of killing 21-year-old Tyrone Moore Jr. outside of a James Island club.

"Personally, I just am very appalled that he would actually shoot my son like that," said Moore's mother in court. "I'd like to know why he would actually do that to him."

Half of those who attended the hearing were in support of the victim, while the other half were in support of the suspect. However, both families know each other well.

"The whole community hurt," said Moore's aunt. "We all know one another here. We ain't no strangers."

Deputies say early Saturday morning, LaFayette shot three bullets toward Moore. Officials say two of those hit the victim, one in the back.

"He was the youngest one of the grands," said an aunt about the victim. "Our circle really has been broken for whatever he did or whatever he didn't do. I just find it senseless just for them to take him out like that."

Also in court was attorney David Aylor who is representing LaFayette.

"James Island is a very small, tight-knit community," said Aylor. "Oftentimes you have people who are neighbors or friends or might as well be related, if they are not actually blood related. And, this is one of those situations."

LaFayette has a six-year arrest history of charges, including armed robbery, drugs and animal cruelty.

"In this situation, violent charges were actually never convictions of the person and should not be held against him," Aylor said.

LaFayette was given a $25,000 bond on the weapons charge. Aylor said he plans to ask a magistrate judge that bond be set so Lafayette can be released on the murder charge.