A CSU legacy remembered

NORTH CHARLESTON,S.C. (WCIV) - Antwan Ivey was a star running back for Charleston SouthernUniversity in 2008 and 2009 before transferring.

He wasslated to return to CSU for Pro Day in the hopes of catching the eye of an NFLscout, but that won't happen. Ivey passed away Monday of an apparent heartattack while playing basketball in Tallahassee, Fla.

Thoseclosest to him at Charleston Southern reacted to the news.

"Tohave a young man you bring into the program, get to know like one of your own -it's tough,{} especially now. I have myown children, I can sympathize with his family and what they're going through.It's sad for them but I pray this will never happen again," said headcoach Jamey Chadwell.

Chadwellremembers recruiting Ivey out of Gainesville, Fla. In 2007. Even clearer, herecalls their recent talks.

"He wasstill living out and trying to pursue the dream of playing at the next level,working hard to do that. He always had a smile. His nickname was 'Kilo' becausehe was so small," Chadwell said.

Stature wasone thing, but his position coach Gabe Giardinia was quick to point out the bigthings he did at the little North Charleston school.

"He hadphenomenal talent and an even smarter football brain -- borderline footballsavant. He could see things before they happened. We would talk about things inthe meeting room and he translated them to the field. Kids fed off his energy,"Giardinia said.

Severalperformances stand out: 151 yards against Coastal Carolina in 2009, the 50-yardkickoff return for a touchdown against VMI. The records are remembered and thelegacy lives on.

"I'mstill in shock. You get numb all over and instantly think of his parents, recallthe time we had here as players and coaches and seeing him grow,"Giardinia said.

"Therewas disbelief. I called and tried to find out if it's really true, if it reallyhappened. Disbelief when you find out the truth. I called Coach Chadwell, CoachGiardinia. It was hurt, shock, disbelief," said running backs coachNewland Isaac.

For youngcoaches in a young program, death is not something they're accustomed todealing with and their own emotions are now overwhelming for a young man gonefar too soon.

"Hiswas a life that affected a lot of people in a positive way. I'm just crushed it'sover. A lot of positive memories in general, but you're sad. You miss yourfriend," Giardinia said.

Iveyfinished his career at North Alabama under Terry Bowden. Chadwell says he wasrecently at CSU taking in a spring practice.{}

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