A Dog for Kate

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Kate Hanchon's parents have a dream of getting their daughter a diabetic alert dog, to help her manage her juvenile diabetes.

"We're pursuing a diabetic alert dog so that Kate can have more normal blood sugars," said Tanya. "They are scent trained. So, they are able to smell any kind of change in Kate's blood sugar as she goes high and as she goes low 40 minutes before she'll start to feel the physical affects of that."

This weekend, Kate's family held a fundraiser online and at the restaurant Mellow Mushroom, called, "Dog in a Day." They are hoping{}the Charleston Community will come together{}to raise the $20,000 they need to purchase a service dog. So far, they have only raised a total of about $8,500.

Kate's mother says a dog would help to monitor what Kate eats, and even allow Kate to go over friend's houses and play because she'll have someone constantly monitoring what she's doing and how she's feeling.

If you want to donate to her cause, you can go to Kate's website.