A fashionable look at the Bridge Run

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Cooper River Bridge Run attracts runners and walkerson different levels of fitness and style.

Just as techniques for running have changed over theyears so has changed the want to wear cotton t-shirts, socks and other cotton-derived apparel.

Mike Loggins is the owner of the Extra Mile inCharleston, he says anything that is not cotton is all the rage.

"They want good synthetic materials foreverything," says Loggins.

Loggins says his store has been outfitting Bridge runnersfor the past 24 years, and bright color are not going anywhere, but how highrunner wear their socks at always changes.

"Right now, at my store its calf-high synthetic,bright color socks," says Loggins.

At the Bridge run expo a Colorado based company is givingrunners all the 80's day-glo colors, with out the faux-pas of one of thedecades most useful and heinous items.

"If you thought the Fanny-pac was cool, you'll loveThe Flip Belt," says company representative, Tommy Trent.

The Flip belt work as a pocket for runners who oftentimes don't wear shorts that have pockets. The Flip Belt doesn't have zippersto keep items in place, you simply flip the belt and it holds everything in.Allowing runners to keep phones, keys, money and other small items with them onthe go.

Trent says,"It can be as fashionable or as subtle asyou want it to be."

Though it seems most runners gravitate towards functionbefore fashion, Sweaty bands offers 800 to 900 different styles of the product.

"There is a sweaty band to match every outfit,"says Merle Trichon events manager.

She says it's a unique head band the uses a velvet underband to help stay in place during athletic activities. {}

"Right now, runners are going towards the brightcolors, and of course the bling," said Trichon.{}