A fairy tale MUSC Christmas parade

(Dave MacQueen/WCIV)


CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- A special Christmas party and parade was held in downtown Charleston. Thousands of kids will have a Christmas this year and one little girl will have one she will never forget.

From thousands of gifts to a special horse drawn carriage, MUSC employees played the role of Santa's helpers today.

"It's not just one doctor, one nurse, its multiple people helping these children through as they're recovering from this and living trough this thing," said Captain Tom Richmond of the Salvation Army.

MUSC employees donated more than 2000 gifts to needy families throughout the lowcountry this Christmas, all the while helping their own kids at the children's hospital.

"One young man came up to me, a cancer survivor himself. and he said to me at the beginning, I hope you get a lot of toys this year. It makes you stop and think a kid who's gone through so much and he's more worried about others," Richmond said.

The star of the parade, 4 year old Briana Causey. She was Cinderella for the day.

Briana's mother is in the hospital battling leukemia.{}Since she couldn't take her daughter to Disney World, they sent her an authentic Cinderella costume so she could ride in style.

"I saw her light up to know her little princess is happy. It's very touching, very moving," said Briana's grandmother, Nancy Moore.

"I was helping her get dressed and she kept saying Nana I'm so excited."

Much like the thousands of kids who will benefit this holiday from the generosity of the MUSC family.

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