A taste of Broadway coming to the Lowcountry

The Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry preparing for the Absolutely Andrew show (Rebecca Lamb/WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Some Broadway singers have spent time in Charleston the past few weeks preparing for their upcoming show.

The Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry is comprised of talented young musicians from the Tri-County area. This weekend, they will be teaming up with some Broadway vocalists.

"We are doing this fantastic show, 'Absolutely Andrew,'" said Omar Lopez-Cepero, a Broadway performer. "It's a musical tribute to the life of Andrew Lloyd Webber and his most famous works and it's benefiting the Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry."

For the students, it's been an opportunity to work with world-class musicians.

"I love Broadway and I always have, and just to see them, like, in person and be able to have a personal relationship with them has been an amazing experience," said Cat Catala, violinist in the orchestra.

"It's pretty interesting seeing what they do to prepare for a performance and fitting it all together and seeing how all the parts come together and how they fit together and make music," said Dari Poe, flutist with the orchestra.

Kate Mahoney, president of the Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry, hopes it's not only a learning experience for the kids, but also that it inspires them to pursue their dreams.

"Whether these kids are aspiring to be musicians on Broadway or producers or singers or production people, we are really trying to show them that it is possible and there are very few degrees of separation between the Lowcountry and New York City," she said.

The professional vocalists also made time to visit local music programs...including some seventh-graders at Laing Middle School.

The performers enjoy giving back to the community and it's something that Fine Arts Coordinator James Braunreuther thinks is important.

"To have, obviously, great performers that are on Broadway is a great inspiration for our students, but it also opens the opportunity to talk to them about all the different careers that they can have in and through the arts," he said.

And all involved agree that students should always follow their dreams, whether it takes them to Broadway or not.

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