Teams prepare for Lowcountry Heart Walk

By Ava Wilhite

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Santee Cooper Heart Strong team is one of hundreds that will participate in the Lowcountry Heart Walk on September 28.

Saturday, the team hosted a fundraiser called Taste of the Town. Members said the event was not only to raise money but also educate people about heart disease.

"That's one of our goals today. To get information out there, to educate people to understand, you know? Know your numbers, know your blood pressure, know your cholesterol number, blood pressure is a non expensive relatively easy test," said Denise Bisnett, one of the team's members.

She said she lost her father to heart disease and her mother survived a quadruple bypass.

"Heart disease is a silent killer. People don't see it, they don't feel it, until sometimes it strikes and it has some devastating consequences," Bisnett said. "People should educate themselves."

About 200 people attended the event last year and that number is expected to double.

The event also featured tables set up with heart strings, which go to support research for children with heart-related illnesses, such as a young boy named Blake.

"The surgery that Blake had ten years ago would not have been possible without the research of the American Heart Association and those teams that put that research together.," said Queen Mack, the team's captain. "They're able to medically advance the care that they give to children."

The Santee Cooper Team sets an annual goal of raising 10,000 for the American Heart Association.

If you would like to register for the Lowcountry Heart Walk, click here.

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