The ReVille case: Untangling a world of manipulation

ReVille sits in court Wednesday and listens to one of his victims describe the manipulation. (Chris Hauff/WCIV)

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The sentencing hearing for confessed child molester Louis "Skip" ReVille provided a window into a world of manipulation created by a man who touted his Christianity to gain trust.

John Doe #13 was the only victim to speak in the courtroom Wednesday and provided the court with a victim impact statement. He described the mentor he found in ReVille before he assaulted him.

"A wolf in sheep's clothing, a person pretending to be God," John Doe #13 said as he looked straight at ReVille. "He truly believes like he told me once, America is so weird about sex, so conservative."

Attorneys also representing the victims read numerous statements by victims and their parents. Several of them had a recurring theme about ReVille's use of religion in order to gain the trust of parents, teachers and administrators. They read statements, many saying ReVille reportedly would ask many parents.

"How can I pray for your child?"

While his statements provided an insight into how ReVille manipulated his victims, boys as young as 10 years old, according to assistant solicitor Debbie Herring-Lash, the hearing also revealed the tactics of the man who jumped from job-to-job. All of his jobs involved work with children.

According to Herring-Lash, from 2000 until his arrest ReVille was employed or volunteered for at least 15 organizations, groups, clubs, companies or schools.


Counselor, The Citadel Summer Camp, early 2000

Teacher, Pinewood Prep 2002-2006

Tutor at the Citadel and an AAU basketball coach 2006-2007

Mount Pleasant Tennis Coach 2007-2009

Bishop England Tennis Coach 2007-2009

AAU Basketball Coach for Town of Mt. Pleasant 2008

Director of Marketing, Velocity Sports 2008-2010

Team Building Consultant for Mt. Pleasant Soccer Club 2008-2009

School Year Bible Study Leader at Cario Middle School 2009-2010

Summer League Basketball Coach for the Town of Mt. Pleasant 2009-2010

Director of Student Ministries, East Bridge Presbyterian Church 2009-October 2011

Assistant Principal, Coastal Christian Preparatory School 2010-October 2011

Basketball Coach for Moultrie Middle School 2009- October 2011

Led Bible Study class for middle school students at Dunkin Donuts on Coleman Blvd. 2009-October 2011

How ReVille was caught

He was also a foster parent, assistant basketball coach at Rollings Middle School, and at some point had his own business called Camp Trainers, where he trained children one-on-one for basketball.

It may have continued, until a mother of a child, who was not a victim, according to Herring-Lash, did something. Her child heard about some children and how they may have been victimized by ReVille. That mother then approached the "alleged" victim's father.

Herring-Lash says the parents had a meeting, but at that time the parents believed the allegations were minimal. They asked a pastor to visit ReVille.

"They saw him as a fellow Christian that needed guidance," Herring-Lash said in court.

She says ReVille sent an email to the parents of the prayer group he ran saying because of his parental responsibilities, he could no longer run the group. ReVille also sent emails to other parents involved where he claimed the games and allegations were being blown out of proportion. In court she quoted the email written by ReVille.

"Getting law enforcement involved would only draw attention to the boys, to your family and to your church."

Herring-Lash said he wanted to be able to leave the area and agreed to pay for any counseling they may need. Instead, the Lowcountry Children's Center began seeing the children and it was the beginning of the process that exposed ReVille and the nearly 35 victims he abused, according to prosecutors.