Academic Magnet ranked 2nd among all magnet schools

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - One of the best schools in the country can be found right here in the Lowcountry. {}Academic Magnet was named the second best magnet school, the 10th best overall public school, by U.S. News and World Report.{}"We've done our job and done it well," Academic Magnet principal Judith Peterson said.{}The rankings of 21,000 schools across the country are based on a three-step process. The news magazine first looks at the school as a whole. They do this by examining their overall performance compared to what they are expected to produce. {}In the second step, they decide whether the least-advantaged students in the school are performing better than similar students around the state.{}Finally, the magazine rates the college-readiness off each school's students. This step is based on test scores. {}{}Peterson says the consistent high ranking of the school is due to goals each staff and student strive to meet.{}"This is a common goal and common purpose, and the 650 of us working together for that common purpose, and a strong teacher and student connection. {}It really works," she said. {}