Accused arsonist released

Kenneth Carlton Boone (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man accused of burning down homes so that he could later remodel them has been released from jail.

His attorney, David Aylor, confirms Boone was released on bail and says he is going to be spending time with his elderly parents and help take care of them.

According to court documents, 55-year-old Kenneth Carlton Boone recruited another man to help set a fire on Montague Street in 2010. The documents stated Boone was then hired to repair the damage to the home at 48 Montague Street.

Boone's attorney said his client he lives at a home on Glenwood Avenue, which is not far from Montague Street. He takes care of his parents and has worked in construction most of his life.

Boone's bond was originally set at $75,000 which is in addition to the $225,000 he must post for three other arson-related charges. The total bond was later reduced to $175,000 in all.