Accused sex predator in Georgetown bond court

Justin Slavinski in bond court Saturday (WCIV/Scott Garrand)

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - A man accused of preying on dozens of children online, including at least one in Georgetown county, was in bond court today.

The judge set bond at $50,000 this afternoon for Justin Slavinski.

Florida law enforcement investigators say Slavinski contacted over 40 young girls and sent over 27,000 text messages with the intent of have sexual contact with the minors.{}

Slavinski is from Florida, but Georgetown Sheriff's Deputies say at least one of the victims is from Georgetown.

Deputies say he is charged for criminally soliciting a minor and distributing obscene material to a minor.{}

Florida investigators say Slavinski may have had sexual contact with up to four minors in Florida.{} Investigators expect most of the charges to come in his home state of Florida.{}

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