ACLU responds to sheriff's admission of slapping suspect

Sheriff Cannon (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- The ACLU has released a statement regarding Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon's admission that he slapped a suspect in police custody.

"The ACLU is concerned about the rights of all vulnerable people.{} That includes people in police custody.{} Violence directed at defenseless victims raises serious questions.{} Protocols need to be in place to prevent this sort of emotional or disproportionate response.{} And when a law enforcement officer strikes someone in custody, consequences should be expected, appropriate, and fair.{} It is admirable that{} Sheriff Cannon reported himself, but we hope the investigation will truly shine a light on the department's practices, including training, reporting of incidents, internal controls and discipline policies."

The slap occurred in the back of a police cruiser. High speed chase suspect Timothy McManus was in handcuffs when Sheriff Cannon asked ""What the BLEEP is wrong with you?" and McManus answered "Ain't nothing wrong with me, man."