Agencies participate in hurricane evacuation drill

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Several local agencies teamed up Tuesday for an annual hurricane evacuation drill.

The State Department of Public Safety conducts the drill each year, and as a part of the event officers and emergency responders were stationed in several areas of I-26 from Charleston to Columbia -- including the I-526 interchange.

Why the big deal?

During an actual hurricane evacuation lanes of I-26 are reversed and exit ramps are closed. The drill is all about checks and balances.

"It's important because this is actually where it starts at I-526 and I-26 and goes all the way to Columbia. Every exit ramp, every entrance ramp has to be blocked and manned," said SCHP Cpl. Bob Beres. "When the real thing comes, there is no second chance. So, we have to get it right the first time, and we will."

Beres says everyone should learn and study the hurricane routes in their area. He said it is important to have a plan in place so that your family knows what to do and where to go quickly.