AHA: Just a 30 min walk can help your heart

An MUSC employee takes a walk on campus for last year's event (Lia Sestric/WCIV)

CHARLESTON. S.C. (WCIV) -- For one day a year, people across the nation are asked to take steps to improve their health, but the AHA says it's just the beginning to being healthy.

The AmericanHeart Association, MUSC Health, and The InterTech Group are calling onLowcountry residents to walk for 30 minutes on Wednesday, April 3 for National Walking Day.

Americans are urged to take a brisk walk that lasts at least that long to get some kind of physical activity in their day but they shouldn't stop there.

According to the AHA, adults need atleast 150 minutes of exercise a week to see the benefits including lower blood pressure, improved bone health, weightmaintenance, better sleep, and more energy.

The AHA also says that inactivity comes at a cost, doubling the chance of heart disease.

MUSC Healthis hosting a National Walking Day event with MUSC's President, Dr. RayGreenburg, and other city officials at noon in front of the Colbert Library at171 Ashley Avenue. Participants will walk the MUSC Medical Mile in support of ahealthy and active lifestyle.