Air Force family walks into fully furnished new home

By Ava

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) The door to the Wright family's new beginning is now open.

"I felt this is my house and everyone is going to be so relaxed and I'm so excited to see my room," said Elizabeth Wright. {}

For the first time, 13-year-old Elizabeth Wright has a room to call her own, filled with lavender walls, scripting and her favorite books.

Months earlier the teenaged Wright stood with her father, retired Air Force Sgt. Robert Wright, her mother Bethany and her siblings on an empty lot. All of them were in shock that they were chosen as the next Operation Finally Home family.

The Wrights applied for the mortgage-free home after Robert Wright, the sole provider for his family, was suddenly diagnosed with a brain cyst in 2012. Now as they travel through each room of the 2,710-square-foot house, they gave thanks to the Pulte Group and hundreds of other volunteers.

"We just appreciate everybody's kindness and it's just life changing for us," said Bethany Wright. {}

"It's overwhelming, doesn't feel real -- it's great. I feel like a sense of happiness and relief that the family's finally able to find a place to call home," said Robert Wright. {}

The house is not only fully furnished but came with a trimmed Christmas tree with presents underneath and gift{} cards as ornaments.

"To watch them step through the thresholds of that house, that home, today was huge for them. It was a burden just completely lifted off their shoulders," said Stephen Page, the Director of Corporate Sponsorship for Operation Finally Home.{}