Airmen return to Charleston after six month deployment

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was a welcome home for about 20 of 60 members of the 81st Aerial Port Squadron.

Family and friends stood ready and waiting, holding posters up high hoping theirs won't be missed. The airmen were deployed to Southwest Asia to complete a mission involving moving cargo and troops in and out of nearby countries.

"It was a really good deployment. We had a lot of good times, got the mission done. Just coming back and being able to relax and have that down time is what I look forward to," said returning Senior Master Sergeant Marilyn Radcliff.

They've returned safely looking forward to simple pleasures some at back in the states would take for granted, like ordering a cheeseburger.

{}"I'm looking forward to Five Guys. Just some good American food," said returning Airman Seth Soine.

Senior Master Sergeant Jeff Lutz's daughter ran into his arms right as he crossed the TSA restricted line.

"It seemed like today would never come you know? When it finally did it was exciting. I wasn't expecting them all to be here I thought they would be in school," said Lutz.

For the family members left at home, the end of six months couldn't have come sooner.

"I'm happy, I'm glad he's home it's been a long time," said Sandra Priester, mother of another returning airman. {}{}